What is to be done in times of Covid-19?

Practice mutual aid! Establish networks in your neighbourhoods. Support people who are ill or high-risk.

Support workers in the health sector! Pay rise and pandemic bonus. Reverse the commodification of health care. Free health care for all.

Men, take over your fair share of household and care duties! Care work isn’t women’s work.

Let’s stay at home and refuse work if our jobs aren’t critical. Organize and support each other against repression.

Support and full compensation of lost wages for all workers affected by the current measures. No benefit conditionality, no job centre obligations and no benefit sanctions!

Suspend rent payments and stop evictions! Open empty housing for those in need! Safe shelter for everyone, including, the homeless, refugees and victims of domestic abuse.

Open the detention centers and evacuate people from the EU refugee camps!

Stand collectively together and reject state coercion and repression.

Let’s create structures based on the principle if solidarity and prepare for the class war from above that seeks to make us pay for their crisis!

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